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Gnomind (pronounced "no mind") is a GNOME applet that reminds the user of upcoming events. It is similar to cron in functionality, while being much easier to use.

User Guide & Screenshots

here to see a picture of my desktop running Gnomind.

Gnomind has three main screens that will interact with the user. The first is the View Events dialog box (See Figure 1). This window allows the user to add, remove, and edit events.

Figure 1: The View Events Window

The second is the Edit Event dialog box (See
Figure 2). This window allows the user to edit the properties of new or existing events.

Figure 2: The Edit Event Window

Each field deserves special mention here:
The third and final window is the Event Occurred dialog box (See
Figure 3). This is the window that pops up when an event occurs.

Figure 3: The Event Occurred Window

When the Remind Me Again Checkbutton is active, a bunch of possibilities become active:

How To Get Gnomind

Go to the
SourceForge Gnomind project website for more details on how to get the latest version of Gnomind.

Also, you can browse the cvs repository for Gnomind on the web . To gain anonymous access to the gnomind cvs repository issue the following commands:
	cvs login
	cvs -z3 co gnomind
Last but not least, don't forget to visit the forums and join the mailing lists.
Gnomind is Copyright (C) 2001 Chris Testa.